January 3, 2023


7 Types of Dhoti and Styles of wearing it

Dhoti: What Is It?

Men in India typically wear bottom clothing called dhotis (mostly). Although some women now wear silk dhotis as a fashion statement, men still wear them more often. They are the traditional clothing in many rural and urban areas of India. In urban India, silk dhoti are typically worn for major events like weddings, engagement parties, and other such celebrations.

Seven types of dhotis and how to wear each one

The modern silk dhoti you see today has undergone significant evolution since its beginning, as we have mentioned. Its utility has also evolved over time, in addition to these other changes. The several types of dhotis that you can see today are shown below.

1) The Kochano Dhuti of Bengal

Men in the Bengal area of India wear a particular style of silk Dhoti called a “Bengali Dhuti.” It resembles the standard dhoti but also contains a circular pleated portion on the left side.

2) The Dhotar of Maharashtra

One of the most common dhoti designs worn by men is the standard style of silk dhoti in the region, as you will see if you go there. The Marathi Royals and the Peshwas wore the traditional Maharashtrian “Dhotar” throughout the Golden Ages, and it is still worn today in Maharashtra. In many Maharashtrian cities and villages, the elderly continue to wear these styles of dhotis.

3) The Chadra of Punjab

The Punjabi Chadra is one type of Dhoti worn by men in the Punjab area of India. If you visit the area, you will realize that this is the typical dhoti style. This dhoti style is fairly similar to a lungi.

4) Vaishnava Dhoti Hare Krishna

The Vaishnava culture is the home of the Hare Krishna Dhoti. Men from the Vaishnava culture frequently don the dhoti, which is draped in a very cozy style. The priests in the Hindu religion typically wear these kinds of dhotis.

5) Dulangi Dhoti from Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan is home to one of the very old Dhoti varieties. Rajasthan, a magnificent region of the Maharajas and the setting for many illustrious historical tales, is where we got the traditional dhoti, which is quite cosy to wear and stays tied even when you’re moving about a lot.

6) The Kache Panche Dhoti of Kannada

One of the more well-known varieties of dhotis originates in the state of Karnataka in the southern region of India. The “Dhotra Kachche Panche” is what it is known as. It is a very lightweight and comfortable way to wear the dhoti and is the traditional attire of Kannada men.

7) The Pancha Dhoti in Telugu

The Telugu “Pancha” is another traditional Dhoti from South India. In Andhra Pradesh, males don it as a form of traditional dress. This style of dhoti is extremely comfortable because it is made of pure cotton, is very thin, and is lightweight.

We hope that this compilation of the “Types Of Dhotis” and its fashion has today been enlightening for you. With this tiny effort, we hope to encourage more and more people—not just in India, but all across the world—to try this fantastic traditional clothing and add it to their collection.

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