May 2021


Features of a good quality backpack

A backpack from a reputed brand such as Rains backpacks will deliver all the features that are expected out of a good quality backpack. It is stylish, minimal, has a lot of space, good quality zipper, and waterproof. All these features make Rains backpacks one of the best backpacks available in the market. Certainly, the primacy of some features entirely depends on the people and their requirements but here are some of the universal features that should be present in almost every good quality backpack.

Cushioned and adjustable straps

One of the main features of a quality backpack is its cushioned and adjustable straps. Cushioned straps provide comfort and ease to the shoulders as they won’t sink into the skin and cause discomfort to the user. Cushioned straps also make the load of the bag easy to carry. The feature of adjusting the straps also contributes to easing the process of carrying the bag over the shoulders. Hence, a good quality backpack will provide cushioned and adjustable straps for creating a smoother experience.

Laptop Sleeve or compartment

It is customary for every backpack to have a laptop compartment. All thanks to the extensive usage and popularity of such devices. Every good quality backpack comes with an exclusive cushioned pocket for a laptop, the special compartment provides a safe and secure sleeve that will allow the user to protect his or her device and make the whole process of carrying a laptop inside the bag a lightweight experience.

Enough Space

Although, the industry offers different backpacks according to the demands and requirements of the marketplace, however, almost every regular backpack should come with enough space to carry the essential stuff such as books, notebooks, pens, smartphones, tablets, etc. Furthermore, they should come with extra storage space on the outer side of the backpacks such as a compartment on the sides for keeping a water bottle or a hidden space in the back or front of the backpack where you keep your smartphone, wallet, or keys.


Waterproofing has still not found itself as a regular feature of every backpack. The ability to repel water is one of the prominent features of a good-quality backpack. Waterproofing will enable the user to commute from one place to another without worrying about drenching his valuables on rainy days. It will instill confidence and make mobility easier and carefree in times of sudden rainfall.

Quality fabric and sturdy overall

The most dominant feature of a good quality backpack is that it is made of quality fabrics and provides overall sturdiness to the object. Shelling out money for anything less than this would be a cheap as well as an expensive endeavor in the long run. Therefore, make sure you are investing in something that will offer you a great customer experience and value.

In short, as discussed already above, the features of a good quality backpack is that it has cushioned and adjustable straps, it has a laptop sleeve and other equally important compartments, it has enough space and is waterproof, and lastly, it should be made of quality fabric and sturdy material.

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